November 26

Alan Jackson Shares Jesus’ Story in His Song “I Love to Tell the Story”

There is nothing better than hearing stories of people’s success, love, and experiences. Stories connect us together. Stories teach us lessons in life. In addition, it inspires us. That is the beauty of stories. However, of all the stories we have heard, there is one that we all agree to be the most inspiring and greatest story of all time. It’s about the story of Jesus and His never-ending love and glory.

Jesus’ story is one of the most told stories of all. We all know about it. Some believed it while others didn’t. However, we are not here to talk about if people believe the story or not. We are here to listen to a song that talks about the life of Jesus.

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The Making of   “I Love to Tell the Story”

In 1866, Katherine Hankey wrote a poem about the life of Jesus while she was trying to heal from her sickness. She wrote two parts about Jesus’ story. First, part is known as The Story Wanted. The second is known as The Story Told. The two-part story written by Hankey were both used to make two different hymns. Part one was used to make the song “Tell Me the Old, Old Story.” The second part was taken to compose the song “I Love to Tell the Story.” The melody of the hymn “I Love to Tell the Story” was set by William G. Fischer.

Alan Jackson’s Version

Alan Jackson recorded this song in 2006 as part of his first gospel album Precious Memories. Jackson included famous gospel songs commonly recorded by artists. All tracks in the album were not released as a single. Therefore, none of the songs entered the chart. However, his album became a chart-topper in the Billboard Country and Christian chart. In addition, Jackson’s album was Platinum-certified by RIAA.

Come and join us, folks, as we listen to Alan Jackson sing the story of Jesus in his single “I Love to Tell the Story.”


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