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Alan Jackson Delivers His Father’s Story in “Small Town Southern Man”

Alan Jackson is one of the known country singers not only back in the days but even today. He still establishes his presence to the younger listeners and fans of country music. Aside from his unique and signature voice, Jackson knows how to draw inspiration in his life to write incredible songs. His number one single “Small Town Southern Man” is evident in his skills as a songwriter.

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Alan Jackson is a small-town Southern man. Photo via udiscovermusic.com

Alan Jackson’s Astonishing Single

“Small Town Southern Man” was written by Jackson in 2007 for his album Good Time. When he released the track as a single, people immediately connected with his song, hence the song climbed to the top of the Billboard Country Chart. Aside from making an appearance on the country chart, the single was also seen on the Hot 100 chart. Therefore, Jackson not only captured the hearts of his country fans but it is also certain that his song made an impression on other listeners.

He said that “Small Town Southern Man” is not a tribute to his grandfather or father, but the inspiration of his song was based on his familial ancestry.

First, there came
Four pretty daughters
For this small town
Southern man

Jackson showed us the life he had when he was young, and what it was like to have a father who taught him to fear God and to be kind.

Raised on the ways
And gentle kindness
Of a small town
Southern man

Small Town Southern Man Documentary

The title of the song was used as the name for his documentary, which was released in October of 2018. Earlier this year, the documentary was released in a digital format. If you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet, then you better do it now. In his documentary, you will get to take a look at Jackson’s upbringing and his road to success as a country singer. Featured on the film are interviews from his fellow country singers Carrie Underwood, Alison Krauss, and more.



Alan Jackson

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