September 7

That Moment Alan Jackson Sang His Tear-Jerking Hit to his Mom

In this gig, Alan Jackson sings “I want to Stroll Heaven with You” in remembrance of his late Dad; a song that is dear to his Mama Ruth’s Heart. Briefly, in the video, we could their thoughts on how meaningful the song is to them.

Touching song and beautifully sung by Alan. For those of us who have lost our loved ones and are still grieving, let this song comfort us. Someday, there will be a great reunion for us all in heaven. And thank God for this rendition by Alan Jackson! He has blessed him with a unique singing voice, but more so with a faith that he shamelessly expressed through songs.  Wish there are more of his contemporaries and modern country singers today that have this kind of faith. Maybe we could give the credit to his parents who raised him. The ways they have brought up Alan have strongly impacted his character and outlooks in life. As we may have observed through the years, though Alan Jackson has reached the pinnacle of stardom, he remains to be the same modest man we have always known him to be.

To many of his fans, he is and will always be a Country Legend not merely for his talents, but for always demonstrating good faith, honesty in all his songs, and a backbone to do what is right. Remember how he stood up for George Jones at the ACM awards back in 1999? Now, that’s a real man. He could have lost everything in a blink, but apparently, that was the last thing on his mind. In the years to come, his legacy for that courageous act will surely outlive his legacy as a musician.

Written by CARL L. TRIVETTE in 1952 for his wife Marilee Rasnake who died in 2003. Alan Jackson recorded the song in 2006 as part his album called, Precious Memories.


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