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Alan Jackson’s Son-in-Law Sacrificed his Life Saving a Woman

Alan Jackson’s Son-in-Law Sacrificed his Life Saving a Woman 1
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Alan Jackson and the Selecman’s family are asking for emotional support and prayers following the accident of his son-in-law, Samuel Benton “Ben” Selecman. He died at the age of 28. Ben died and sacrificed his life saving a woman.

According to the Miami Herald reports, Ben was helping a woman onto a boat in West Palm, Beach Florida. As he was helping the woman, he slipped and fell and struck his head on a dock. On Alan Jackson’s website, Ben sustained “severe traumatic head injuries.” Ben was hospitalized, but the injuries were unrevivable.

On his website, Alan Jackson posted,

“The Jackson and Selecman families ask for—and appreciate—prayers during this difficult time.”

Ben and Mattie…

Alan Jackson’s Son-in-Law Sacrificed his Life Saving a Woman 2
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Ben was married to Alan Jackson’s oldest daughter Mattie Jackson Selecman. Mattie and Ben are supposed to celebrate their first wedding anniversary this October. Both were married in October 2017 and they’ve been together for less than a year. After their wedding, Mattie and Ben lived in Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee. Ben was working as an assistant D.A at the Nashville-Davidson County District Attorney’s Office. He earned his Law Degree at the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School Of Law.

Moreover, Ben was a native of Knoxville, Tennessee. He graduated from the University of Tennessee Knoxville campus. When not working and doing cases, Ben loved to go hunting and fishing. He does those with his wife. On their honeymoon, the couple went to Africa on a safari trip where they hunted for 12 hours a day as reported by the Southern Bride.

We offer our condolences to Jackson and Selecman’s family. In connection to this, here’s a song for Ben and his family from his father-in-law Alan Jackson, “Remember When.”

Remember When…

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