June 13

Alan Jackson Dedicated “I’d Love You All Over Again” To Wife Denise

Alan Jackson

“I’d Love You All Over Again” is a one of a kind and truly special for it was crafted for a special woman. Alan Jackson penned the song as a dedication to his wife, Denise. Indeed, a picture of an infinite love intertwined in the words and lyrics.

Speaking of an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, abundant music, and a story strengthened with a soothing melody, then definitely that is no other than Alan Jackson. You’ll agree with me saying he’s one of the most soulful country musicians moving people with his undeniably empowering songs. Besides, the emotion he outpours from his mellow songs to jittery bug tunes that can truly persuade us and undoubtedly larger-than-life.

Alan and Denise Jackson

All the characteristics mentioned above can be imagined through his singles. But, the most embodiment of them all would be his song “I’d Love You All Over Again.” The song has a jivey tune that can sweep you off your feet, but the content says it all.

Due to the songs all over constructive world criticisms, it became Jackson’s very first No.1 single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

I’d Love You All Over Again…

Alan Jackson, himself, wrote the words and lyrics of “I’d Love You All Over Again.” It was released in January 1991 under his album “Here In The Real World.” It became No.1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart from March 9 to March 16, 1991.

Furthermore, the album has documented Jackson’s considered signature song entitled “Here In The Real World.”

The Lyrics…

Has it been ten years

Since we said I do

I’ve always heard marriage made one seem like two

But you’re looking better than you did back then

You still make this old heart give in

And if I had it to do all over

I’d do it all over again

If tomorrow I found one more chance to begin

I’d love you all over again

The preacher man said till death do us part

That seemed like forever to a young man’s heart

Now the days seem much shorter

The longer we love

And the memories just keep adding up

If tomorrow I found one more chance to begin

I’d love you all over again

Alan Jackson…

When it comes to convincing and soulful music, Alan Jackson is on top of the list. Most or all of his songs are genuinely emotional that can touch anyone who listens. His themes merely portray experiences that everyone can relate to.

Alan Jackson grew up singing in the church. He, most of the time, listening to gospel music. Jackson started a band after graduating from high school. Then, at the age of 27, along with his wife Denise, moved to Nashville to pursue his musical career full time.

Alan Jackson

Glenn Campbell helped Alan Jackson’s career to skyrocket. He then signed up to Arista. In 1989, Jackson, the first artist to sign to the newly-formed Arista Nashville, the branch of Arista Records. After signing, Jackson’s career began to boom, and the rest was history.

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Alan Jackson, Glenn Campbell, Here in the Real World, I’d Love You All Over Again

  • I hope Alan continues to write love songs for only his wife and to keep his eyes and love for only his wife. Those are his best songs……

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