May 17

Alan Jackson’s “Love Lifted Me”: God’s Love Will Uplift Us

Alan Jackson

Difficulties will always be there surrounding us. It will drag us until we can’t bear holding on. The only thing we can do is to linger with those complications. It will slowly devour us until our hands slip from gripping to hope. With this, we are gently falling and falling. These are the times we need to get strong and turn to Jesus.

Believing and having faith in Jesus will wipe out the difficulties. Those difficulties will gradually vanish. We will no longer linger to those complications. Instead, we will dawdle with relief and happiness.

Jesus is always there for us. He sees our struggles, and he feels our loneliness. However, Jesus cannot help us if our hearts are not connected with him. With this, we must surrender ourselves to him to be able to have the hope and eternal bliss we are longing.

“Love Lifted Me” will jog your memory of Jesus. His power will lift us from miseries. Take time to listen for it will remind that Jesus’ presence can be felt even without his physical existence.

Love Lifted Me…

The song talks about a person, someone, who has a lot of sins. Slowly shrinking and sinking, the person is unable to rise. The sins and wrongdoings have stained the once pure-hearted son of Jesus. All he can do is to shed tears, and no one remained to uplift and dry the tears.

Then, he turned himself to Jesus. He changed by believing in Jesus, by embracing Jesus in his heart. With that, he was lifted from pain, misery, and despair.

The Lyrics…

I was sinking deep in sin

Far from the peaceful shore

Very deeply stained within

Sinking to rise no more

But the Master of the sea

Heard my despairing cry

From the waters lifted me

Now safe am I

Love lifted me; love lifted me

When nothing else could help

Love lifted me

When nothing else could help

Love lifted me

All my heart to Him I give

Ever to Him I’ll cling

In His blessed presence life

Ever His praises sing

Love so mighty and so true

Merits my soul’s best songs

Faithful, loving service too, to Him belongs

Love lifted me; love lifted me

When nothing else could help

Love lifted me

When nothing else could help

Love lifted me

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Alan Jackson, Love Lifted Me

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