April 27

“What A Friend We Have In Jesus” By Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson

Jesus is the only entity in the universe wherein we contemplate as our savior, father, mother, and of course a friend. He takes all the roles as one for us to be in the right direction. Indeed, a friend we can depend on especially on our downfalls.

Furthermore, Jesus might not be physically felt but emotionally and mentally we can connect with him. We can throw our worries to him through prayers. Also, we can toss our blessings because, without him, life is selfish and meaningless.

To be more meaningful for us, Alan Jackson sung the song. He can undeniably sing any song. He is one of the country artists in the industry that outpours his emotions when singing. With this, lend your ears to “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” and Alan Jackson will remind us that we can always find a “friend” in the presence of Jesus.

The Song…

“What A Friend We Have In Jesus” is primarily a poem made in 1855. Also, Joseph M. Scriven pooled resources to create the poem. The meaning and the purpose of the poem is to comfort Scriven’s mother who was living far from his son. At that time, Scriven was living in Canada while his mother was living in Ireland. Scriven published the poem anonymously, but it was successful due to its heart melting message.

In 1868, Charles Crozat Converse composed the tune that exactly patched the poem. The poem-turned-song became so popular then with churches and religious groups.

The song was once actually criticized due to its excessive order of the sentimental gospel type. Despite the criticism, the song’s popularity remained stable, and especially the message and its meaning.

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Alan Jackson, Charles Crozat Converse, Joseph M. Scriven, what a friend we have in jesus

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