Have you ever felt so tired of what you’re doing that you just want to give up? Sometimes, you also feel like there’s no hope. And, you’re all alone facing the problems and challenges in life. Also, other people will not understand you, and in most cases, they will judge you. All of us have experienced this challenge and no one is excused. But in order for us to overcome it, we need to cling on to the higher Being who can help us. The higher entity who knows the solution to every problem. The Being who will not judge you, it is God. Further, all you need to do is to go to Him and He will give you peace of mind. Anyhow, listen to the cover of Alan Jackson of “In the Garden” and let’s see how God was able to help him.

The Pride of Georgia

He is one of the male singers who holds the most hits that placed at the number one spot. Further, he is also a recipient of different awards and recognition due to his influence in the music industry. In addition, he is included in the Grand Ole Opry, Americas longest running radio station. Do you still remember the hits “Here in the Real World,” “Someday,” and “Midnight in Montgomery?” You’re right I’m referring to Alan Jackson.

Photo Credits: Alan Jackson Official Home Page

Come to Me All of You Who are Heavily Burdened

It’s normal for us to have burdens in life, and all we need to do is cling on to God. Moreover, we can talk to Him any time for us to be guided on every decision that we make. Just like the cover of Alan Jackson of “In the Garden.” I hope that this hit will serve as a spiritual booster for those who are feeling weak.