October 8

The Time Alan Jackson Heavenly Sang, “When God Paints”


Alan Jackson is often than not known for his classic country ballads and mostly humorous country songs that’ll make you giggle or start a rhythm on your feet. However, Alan Jackson does not also shy away singing Gospel songs putting his Southern twang on it. Alan Jackson is a self-confessed Christian and he is always open talking about his faith. That’s why it is no surprise when he released a song that tells about his point of view when it comes to God. His song entitled, ‘When God Paints’ tells about Jackson’s perspective about God and life in general.

When God Paints, Alan Jackson

Speaking to Billboard during the release of his album, Angels and Alcohol, and as an artist not afraid to sing about his faith, Jackson dished about When God Paints song and said it’s very much a part of his personal life.

“I think you go through a lot of experiences in life that twist you and change you, but that’s life. I definitely look at things from a different perspective than I did when I was 25 years old. That’s a good thing. My faith has always been a huge part of my life, and [wife] Denise has been a huge influence on that.”

Though it’s one of three songs Jackson didn’t have a hand in writing, the singer said expressing his faith is something that has always been important to him.

“That has always been a part of my music, from all the way back to the beginning. With country music, that’s one attraction I’ve always had — is that it does touch that part of our lives with songs that are connected to church and God. It’s been that way forever. Hank Williams Sr. wrote and recorded a lot of great Christian stuff, as well as Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, so it’s always been a part of it.”

Sadly, this great song never had an official music video but it has been covered several times by Youtube artists.

Listen to When God Paints below:



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