December 19

“When We All Get To heaven” with a Twist from Alan Jackson


Surprisingly, we all want to go to heaven, but we are afraid to die. I guess that’s one of the ironies of life but who would not want to live in paradise? If we will study the Bible, it was explained that there would be judgment day for all of us. Thus, our fate will be decided if we have lived a fruitful and righteous life. Then, the gates of heaven will absolutely open for you. But, if you have lived a sinful life, then I guess you already know where your soul will go. For believers, heaven is not an imaginary place. It is real, and it will be the final resting place of the soul. “When we All get to Heaven” is one of the hymns that was performed by Alan Jackson which talks about this paradise.

The Pride of Georgia

This artist is part of Country Music Hall of Fame, and Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Also, due to his success in the business, he was able to sell more than 80 million records. Moreover, 35 of his hits went number one in the Charts. I hope that you can remember him with his famous hit “Remember When.” Of course, it’s Alan Jackson, who is considered as one of country music’s finest artists.

"When We All Get To heaven" with a Twist from Alan Jackson 1

Alan Jackson struggled to gain a spot in the music industry in the first year of his career. However, he was able to gain a spot in the industry in 1990 with his single “Here in the Real World” and his career stabilized since then. Now a days, Jackson is one of the music icons that is being looked up to by rising singers.

Going Home to the Paradise

The idea of afterlife somehow removes the painful thought of death. I mean, the person will not experience suffering anymore. In addition, once you listen to the song “When we All get to Heaven” of Alan Jackson, you might have a lighter perception about death. It is best if we will always look at things with a brighter perspective. Well, enjoy watching the video and I hope that this will help you on your perception of the afterlife. 



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