June 21

The Cover of Alan Jackson “It Must Be Love” by Don Williams

Alan Jackson

When love strikes you, there’s nothing you can do but to live by it. You smile because you feel something and you’re inspired because of the “love thing.” It is exactly what the song “It Must Be Love” is all about. Mostly, it’s the “love” that tickles our minds and soul.

Alan Jackson knows how to amuse the listeners. It’s either because of the profound meaning of the lyrics or the body-moving beat of the song. Alan Jackson is undoubtedly one of the best country music artists of all time. Indeed, his music can affect you and your soul.

Don Williams, on the other hand, is legendary. With his choice of music, he was able to touch and melt the hearts of country music obsessives. Also, his deep, smooth baritone voice is truly distinct amongst other country artists which earned him the title “Gentle Giant.”

We surely don’t know which side to buy, but there’s one thing for certain, Don Williams and Alan Jackson have great music we love hearing over and over again. And, both have placed “It Must Be Love” at number one spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

It Must Be Love…

“It Must Be Love” was originally recorded by the “Gentle Giant” Don Williams. He was also the songwriter behind the words and lyrics of the song. It was part of his album “Expressions” and it became the ninth number one single of his career. On September 29, 1979, Williams’ rendition topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Alan Jackson recorded his version and released it on April 24, 200. It was part of his album “Under The Influence.” It became number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart on September 9, 2000.

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson proved he’s one of the world’s greatest through the years. He has recorded and released songs that topped the country charts. Jackson continues to shine; this only shows how significant his impact on people all over the globe is. He’s one of the best country artists in the country music scene. With over millions of copies of his albums and singles sold to millions of people, he has been gratified. Jackson both embraced the music obsessives, whether country love songs and Christian gospel hymns. His work and creations are being appreciated. Undoubtedly, he’s an actual embodiment of a great entertainer.

Don Williams

Don Williams had recorded and released more than forty singles, and seventeen of them have topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Furthermore, due to William’s choice of music and pure talent, he has also received awards and recognition from Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association. These were ACM Single Record of the Year for the song “Tulsa Time” and CMA Male Vocalist of the Year.

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