When it comes to country Christian songs, Alan Jackson never disappoints. This time, the country music legend wants to express his faith through the song “When God Paints.” 

The song was penned by Troy Jones and Greg Pecker. When it was pitched to the singer, he immediately loved it because of the way the song was composed. It was track nine of Jackson’s Angels and Alcohol 16th studio album.

alan jackson

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Alan Jackson and His Strong Faith with the Lord

When asked by the Billboard Magazine, the singer has this to say about his faith:

“With country music, that’s one attraction I’ve always had – is that it does touch that part of our lives with songs that are connected to church and God. It’s been that way forever. Hank Williams Sr. wrote and recorded a lot of great Christian stuff, as well as Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, so it’s always been a part of it.”

This is proven throughout his entire career in country music. The singer has released a lot of country gospel songs like “Softly and Tenderly,” “Love Lifted Me,” “Only Trust Him,” and many others.

In fact, his wife’s spiritual journey saved their marriage. Alan knows that his faith in God is as strong as ever, so he consistently makes country gospel hits.

Lyrics Breakdown

When God paints, we dance
And I reach across the canvas and I take your hand
And my world is so complete
When I look at you, a masterpiece is all I see
When God paints

alan jackson

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In this part of the song, the singer talks about how beautifully the Lord made us. That we are the masterpiece that the Lord had carefully drawn in a blank canvass.

In life, we must always be grateful for the things that we see in this world. Everything was made just for us and it was done beautifully by our creator. We must look at everything with a sense of awe and wonder because everything that He does is for us and by us.

Just like an artist, God made us with precision and with patience because a true masterpiece is one that is made with ample time, effort, and love

Be inspired and listen to the song here: