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Alan Jackson’s “It’s All About Him” was Inspired by His Wife’s Book

Everything in life is not always centered on us. No, there is more to life than you. There is a bigger world out there. Moreover, there is someone greater than us who deserves to be the center of everything in this universe. Alan Jackson reminds us of this in his song “It’s All About Him.”

It’s easy to forget God’s greatness when we are soaring high above the clouds. It’s easy to think that what we have achieved in our life is because of what we have done. But, whatever we have and wherever we are is all because of God. He leads us to a better place all the time. Therefore, remember to find the time to praise His name above all things.

Alan Jackson’s Compilation Album

In 2016, Alan Jackson released his compilation album called Precious Memories Collection. The collection contained two of his previously released albums Precious Memories and Precious Memories Volume II. In addition, he included two more songs which he never released: “That’s the Way” and “It’s All About Him.”

Inspiration Behind “It’s All About Him”

“That’s the Way” is the song Alan sang during his wedding day in 1979. On the other hand, the second song “It’s All About Him” was inspired by his wife’s book It’s All About Him: Finding the Love of My Life. Alan said he wrote the song because he was inspired by his wife’s strength in writing her book. He wanted to use the book’s title and turn it into a song.

Alan Jackson’s “It’s All About Him” was Inspired by His Wife’s Book 1
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All About the Song

At the beginning of Alan’s song, he stated what seems to be a fact in his real life, he is happy and successful. But, the best part of the song came in next, when he didn’t claim that all his success was because of his work, rather it was because of God. His single points out to God who gave him all the things that he needs, and the family he loves. He acknowledges that everything in his life happened because of God. In addition, Alan didn’t forget to mention that the most important thing is making God the center of our life.

It’s All About Him: Finding the Love of My Life

Alan’s song goes hand in hand with his wife’s, Denise, book. She wrote about the struggles in her life with Alan Jackson. She even mentions that when her husband achieved success she started to forget about God, and problems begin to arise. But when she found God and made Him the center of her life, her marital problems and other problems begin to lessen. Furthermore, her relationship with her husband has also strengthened. The lesson we can learn both in Alan’s song and his wife’s book is to never eliminate God in our life. We should make Him the center of it instead. If we do that, we will be able to live a happy life, with fewer troubles, and more strength.


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