March 16

Can’t Get Over Your Ex Yet?, Sing Along with Alabama’s “Why, Lady, Why”

You asked your ex, “Why, Lady, Why”? Having an urge to re-connect with your ex”? Apparently, according to love expert Helen Fisher, “The brain develops pathways based on learned patterns”. The senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute, Indiana University adds, “If you laid down a powerful pattern that this person was your life partner, your brain could retain traces of that circuitry. This is true even after you have bonded with someone new”. “After we resolve a romantic relationship,” Fisher continues, “we have this remarkable ability to forget the bad parts and focus on the good ones”.

This, for some, becomes an addiction. What does it really mean to be addicted to someone you were romantically in a relationship once? It means a persistent habitual use of a substance known by the user to be harmful. In this case, whether we acknowledge that or not, the harmful substance is our ex.

And, take note, there is precisely the rub—we successfully ignore and refuse to believe that our ex is harmful to us and our healing process. It becomes a cycle, and that may be the inspiration behind the song, “Why Lady Why”.

Background of the Song

“Why, Lady, Why” is a composition by Teddy Gentry and Rick Scott. American country music band Alabama covered the track. Released in August 1980, it was the fourth and final single from the album My Home’s in Alabama. The song was the group’s second chart-topper on the Billboard magazine Hot Country Singles chart.

Why lady why, can’t I leave you alone
I try lady try, but the feeling’s too strong
You stay on my mind, feel just like a fool
Why lady why, can’t I get over you

Why lady why, it was easy before
I try lady try, but it ain’t easy no more
To be on my way, would be the best thing to do
Why lady why, can’t I get over you

Why lady why, can’t I leave you alone
I try lady try, but the feeling’s too strong
To be on my way, would be the best thing to do
Why lady why, can’t I get over you..

“Why, Lady, Why” original version can be traced back in 1978. Alabama recorded and released “Why Lady Why” on their band’s independent release, ALABAMA BAND: # 3. Having its “My Home’s in Alabama”, they issued a part of “Why Lady Why” to its B-side. MDJ Records launched it in January 1980. When the band signed with MDJ records and started working with producer Harold Shedd, they remixed the original track. For its remix, they added Kristin Wilkinson & the WIRE CHOIR’s strings. Later in August 1980, RCA issued it as a single. The B-side, “I Wanna Come Over”, is the band’s first Top 40 hit.


The single and album versions are noticeably different. The single version included on Alabama’s For the Record has an edited shorter introduction, abridged or deleted musical interludes, an edited musical outro, and a noticeably different EQ mix. The original album version is part of Alabama’s 1986 Greatest Hits album.


Alabama, why lady why

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