May 21

Alabama’s Version of “Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me”

Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me though I am a sinner. The world we are living in is not perfect. We sometimes forget how great our God is.  Let me share this song “Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me” sung by Alabama that talks about how God shows us his unconditional love.

Alabama’s “Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me”

Alabama The Lord Has Been Good to Me
via Alabama’s Official Facebook Page

Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me” is one of the wonderful songs covered by Alabama. It originally came from a Johnny Appleseed Grace song.  The song focused more on thanking God rather than asking something from him.

The Lyrics

He gave me so much I could never repay

But I’ll keep on trying until the judgment day

In the lyrics, it shows that God gives us so many blessings that we could never repay. Judgment day means it is the day of our death wherein, we can no longer bring back time to change our self to be better. So, as long as you are still here in this world, learn to inspire others with the great gifts that God gave you.

As we keep on chasing want we want for ourselves, we forget about God. In the process,  we’ll realize God’s will is stronger than what we expect. That only means that our future doesn’t depend on us but it depends on God. He gave us life, a house to live in, a family to love and air to breathe. What more we could ask for?

We should be thankful to Him because he loves us unconditionally. Though challenges, disappointments, failures, and misunderstandings come into our lives, we must not let them put us down. Rather let those trials be a reason to trust in God more. Your faith in God will overcome all fear, just devote yourself to the Almighty God.

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