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Alabama Takes on Hank Williams’ “I Saw the Light”

Alabama Takes on Hank Williams' "I Saw the Light" 1
Alabama lead singer Randy Owen singing “I Saw the Light”. Photo screen grabbed on Youtube

Alabama Praises the Lord with “I Saw the Light”

In 2014, one of the greatest and award-winning bands, Alabama took this Hank Williams country gospel hymn on stage. “I Saw the Light” is one of the hymns that the band covered in their 2014 concert. With lead singer Randy Owen’s lively voice matching every beat of the music, the performance was hands-down impeccable. It was superb and appealing that even the crowd started singing along with the band.

I Saw the Light” is a very meaningful song to Hank Williams himself as he wrote this because he was inspired by a remark of his mother back then. Alabama gave justice performing this gospel tune. Adding a distinct flavor mixed with the serenity, compassion, love, and faith found in the lyrics of the song, the band performed a show worth watching.

Here’s the opening part of the gospel hymn…

I wandered so aimless life filled with sin
I wouldn’t let my dear saviour in
Then Jesus came like a stranger in the night
Praise the Lord I saw the light

I saw the light I saw the light
No more darkness no more night
Now I’m so happy no sorrow in sight
Praise the Lord I saw the light

Watch Alabama perform one of Hank Williams’ gospel songs “I Saw the Light”:

Song Background

Alabama Takes on Hank Williams' "I Saw the Light" 2
Hank Williams. Photo Credits:

Penned by the great Hank Williams, “I Saw the Light” is a country gospel song released in September 1948. Williams wrote the song while coming back from a concert. He was inspired by a remark his mother told him while they were in Montgomery, Alabama.

While returning from a concert in Fort Deposit, Alabama, Lily, Williams’ mother drove Hank and the band back to Montgomery. As they were getting close to the city, lights of Dannelly Field Airport caught Lily’s eyes. Williams, who was sleeping in the backseat, was awakened by his mother’s remarks, “I just saw the light!”,  telling them as they were approaching Montgomery. On January 26, 1947, Williams drafted the first part of the song.

Upon its release, “I Saw the Light” did not experience the limelight immediately. However, the song caught on as time went by. To note, “I Saw the Light” is Hank Williams’ most recognized hymn as well as one of his most famous songs. The legacy of the song lives on until today as many artists have covered and gave their own rendition of the gospel tune. In 2005, Country Music Television ranked it no. 1 in the 20 Greatest Songs of Faith.

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