March 8

Riveting “Alabama Sampler” by Home Free

Once upon a time, singers were known by the power of their voices. There was no need for big stage productions and exaggerated music accompaniment. It’s just pure showcasing of talent.

Come modernization and the next thing we saw was a “murder in the row” as put by Alan Jackson and George Strait. Hence, we lament the dumbing down of songs.

There’s no need to ridicule today’s music though. Understandably, each one has a distinct taste for music. What’s awesome for a certain age demographic may not suit another. Let’s just respect each other’s preferences, shall we?

Speaking of preferences, here’s a group of talented, young men who’ll surely make Alabama proud!

 “Alabama’s Sampler” by Home Free

Well done is it? I wouldn’t be surprised if this makes you a fan of “Home Free” as well. And if you’re wondering about the songs featured in the sampler, they’re as follows:
Riveting “Alabama Sampler” by Home Free 1
Mountain Music – This one took three years to write. It’s Randy Owen’s childhood experiences in a song.

Born Country – This describes all of us. We’re proud to be “country.”

I’m In A Hurry (And Don’t Know Why) – Change is inevitable, but does it have to be in a rush?

If You’re Gonna Play in Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band) – Alabama’s homage to Texas. Earlier songs were mentioned like “Louisiana Man,” “Faded Love,” and “Cotton-Eyed Joe.”

Dixieland Delight – Probably we’ve already heard about Alabama’s football games, right?

 Angels Among Us – A heaven-sent.

See the difference between “substance” and “hype?” Glad Alabama chose the former.

Got some trivia about each song that most don’t know yet? Do share them. Let the country music community be aware of those facts. We’re all ears.

For personal covers of Alabama’s songs, send us your version to [email protected]. We might feature you.


Alabama, Home Free

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