April 24

Alabama Thanks God with “Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me”

The Lord has been good to me and I can’t thank Him enough. I am a living testament to His kindness and immortal love. In today’s article, I want to talk about the Lord’s unconditional love. Also, later in this post, I will be featuring the great Alabama and their song “Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me.”

Alabama Thanks God with "Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me" 1
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In the past few days, I realized that things have not been going to what I expected it to be. The messed up schedules, the misunderstandings, the ruined relationships… These turn of events have caught me unaware and have left me aghast. I cannot deny the fact that I, too, am the concerned party here and that I take responsibility for myself. Inasmuch as I wanted to be of good to others, there’s always a thing that irks me to be irrational. Personally, I don’t know where this roots from. I went through every step again and again in my head. I realized that maybe bad days are there to remind us that things won’t always go our way and that’s okay. Maybe it’s just the world telling us to take a step back and look at the bigger picture all over again because we might’ve missed some spots.

Nevertheless, God has still given me all good. Although problems may arise, from time to time, blessings overflow kindled with love and hope. We may have been wronged by people (and we may have wronged others, too), still, there is something great to be thankful for. After all, it’s still a wonderful world.

Alabama’s “Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me”

Alabama Thanks God with "Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me" 2
Alabama (Photo by rollingstone.com)

Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me” is one great song sung by Alabama. Originally a Johnny Appleseed Grace song, it centers more on gratitude rather than on asking something. The song gives thanks to the Lord for all that He has given. The sun, the rain, the trees, the Appleseed. The blue sky, the feathered friends, and the humming bees. These are all blessing from the Lord, and what else to ask for? Let us be grateful for everything. Through it all, the Lord has been so good, kind, and loving to everyone. Let us keep in mind, the Lord is not all good for nothing. He is always there for us.

Glory be to His Holy name!

Watch Alabama perform this wonderful song.

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Alabama, Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me

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