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Lionel Richie and Alabama, an Impeccable Collaboration of “Deep River Woman”

A collaboration of two artists is never new in the music industry. Even in the past, it is one of the trends. Perhaps, to persuade more listeners and not to mention to make songs more pleasing. Speaking of collaborations, one of the best duets is from Lionel Richie and Alabama with their soulful “Deep River Woman.” It was one of the trends back in the 80s. Perhaps, it is because of the distinct pair between the two great artists. Nevertheless, the collab and the song rocked the airwaves.

Posted by Lionel Richie on Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Who would have thought, that Alabama, one of the most successful bands in the country music scheme would join Lionel Richie? However, it happened, and it was one of the best collaborations ever. Indeed, a perfect match with a classic song to remember the great music of the ‘80s.

Posted by Alabama on Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Deep River Woman

Lionel Richie wrote the words and lyrics of “Deep River Woman.” He recorded the song with the band Alabama. On the other hand, the song was part of Lionel Richie’s album “Dancing on the Ceiling.” It was released on December 6, 1986, and it was 32 years ago. Indeed, a classic yet an excellent song to listen to again and again.

Moreover, “Deep River Woman” became a hit since its release in 1986. It even peaked at No.10 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Unfortunately, on the Billboard, Alabama was not included. It is because, at that time, the chart cited for singles only.

As you listen to “Deep River Woman,” it could bring the good ole’ days. The great sounds and tunes of the past.

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