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WATCH: Alabama’s Vivacious Performance of “I’ll Fly Away”

About the Song

A gospel song published in 1932, “I’ll Fly Away” is an original hymn by Albert E. Brumley penned in 1929. Hartford Music Company published and released the song in a series of a collection titled Wonderful Message. To note, Brumley wrote the song after having been inspired and influenced by “The Prisoner’s Song“, a secular ballad in 1924.

WATCH: Alabama's Vivacious Performance of "I'll Fly Away" 1
Albert E. Brumley. Photo Credits: alldylan.com

I’ll Fly Away” appears in many hymnals where it is considered under topics like eternal life, heaven, and acceptance. In addition, it is a standard song often performed at funerals and sometimes at bluegrass jam sessions. The hymn has been distinguished as the most recorded gospel song. More often than not, it is sung in worship services by Baptists, Pentecostals, Nazarenes, the Churches of Christ and many Methodists.

Alabama’s Version

WATCH: Alabama's Vivacious Performance of "I'll Fly Away" 2
Alabama. Photo Credits: knoxvillecoliseum.com

As earlier noted, “I’ll Fly Away” is the most recorded gospel song. This is very evident as many artists especially country music singers have covered and rendered their own version of the hymn. The most notable versions are that of Jim Reeves in 1962, Albert Brumley in 1969, Aretha Franklin in 1997, and Willie Nelson in 2004. In the recent decade, the song is still popularly covered. Some of the most famous are the renditions of Alan Jackson, Michael W. Smith, and the couple Joey & Rory Feek. But who could ever forget that vivacious and lively performance of the American band Alabama? Well, their version is also noteworthy to watch.

In 2014, Alabama took on this gospel song as a part of their concert. Lead singer Randy Owen opened the song with an upbeat rhythm. The performance was impeccable that it is difficult not to sing along. Overall, the production was superb; it is indeed a joy to watch.

Watch Alabama in a lively performance of Albert E. Brumley’s classic gospel song “I’ll Fly Away”:

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