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Alabama Performs 1981 Hit “Feels So Right” at the Opry Stage


Last October, U.S. longest-running radio broadcast Grand Ole Opry had Alabama perform their 1981 “Feel So Right” on stage. And as expected, the iconic country music group lit the Opry stage up and warmed the audience hearts with their piece. For sure, not a single attendee to the program left not feeling so right after watching the performance.

Check out the clip of their live presentation at the Opry below.


At the opening of the performance which shows lead singer Randy Owen playing his guitar, warm applause from the audience is heard. Such a grand introduction truly deserves a round of applause. As soon as he started singing the first line, you can instantly spot the legendary performer in him proving that age hasn’t changed him a bit.

His voice is as golden as when he was starting his singing career. Meanwhile, his band members are likewise impressive in their backing harmonies and instrumental performances. It sure feels so right watching the entire act.

About the Song

“Feels So Right” is an Alabama record that has been around since 1981. It was the band’s first crossover hit entering the Top 20 of Billboard Hot 100 in the summer of 1981. The mellow love song also gave the “Love in the First Degree” singer their first Top 10 single on the Adult Contemporary chart. The biggest success of the song was at the Billboard country music chart where it occupied the No. 1 spot, giving the band their fourth chart-topper hit. Not only that, the song became their first record to stay at the chart’s summer for multiple weeks.   

Alabama Performs 1981 Hit "Feels So Right" at the Opry Stage 1
Photo credit: Alabama’s Official Facebook Page

“Feels So Right” predominantly exudes the pop “love ballad” style as well as the country rock style which became Alabama’s signature sound. Most of the songs they recorded throughout the 1980s and 1990s exhibited this distinct blending of pop and rock country music. At present, “Feels So Right” remains as one of the most famous hits of Alabama.


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