March 7

The Great Band Alabama Singing “Close Enough to Perfect”

As a big fan, I must say, this band is “Close Enough to Perfect” for me.

In 1982, Alabama released their album Mountain Music and cemented their place as one of country music’s greatest acts. In addition to the smash title track, the multi-platinum album featured “Close Enough to Perfect”. The song became the group’s eighth chart-topper. “Close Enough to Perfect” is a song that Carl Chambers penned.

Music Mountain

Throughout their career, Alabama has continuously expanded their musical boundaries. There is nothing that the band cannot do. Their album Music Mountain completely changed the status of the band in the country scene. Moreover, it thoroughly exhibited their ability to write incredibly compelling music.

The album was also a crossover success as it ranked well as an album on both country and pop charts. Apart from the album, the singles are successful in several markets. This is Alabama’s most successful studio album. In 1998, the Recording Industry Association of America certified Mountain Music 5× Platinum.

“Close Enough to Perfect” has a slow beat and features the deep calming vocals of Randy Owens. The perfect combination of the background sound plus the lyrics touch the emotional core.

No one is perfect. However, when you find the “One” for you, there is no doubt that everything about them should be “Close Enough to Perfect”. The feeling when you are actually in love and the underlying happiness despite what is happening around you make you know it is right. Hearing this song will make your body tingle—feeling butterflies all over.

The song is not just for lovers but also for blossoming relationships. Helping them build their confidence, making them feel special even with their flaws. Looking beyond the imperfections of a person, the song encourages them to express themselves. Also, it helps them bring out their uniqueness. All the criticism will likely come from people who are just too afraid of being their true selves.

 This band always makes me smile and gives me chills.


Alabama, close enough to perfect

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