August 4

Remembering Alabama Awesomeness on this Riveting ACA Performance

With 21 songs hitting the no. 1 spot on song charts (note: written by themselves), and live concerts that sounded identical to their album, Alabama is the greatest country band worldwide! Er no, that’s an understatement. They’re not stuck within the Country music circle, but they’re the legendary band of all time! They were loved in the ‘80s, then followed by the ‘90s, and to date, they still are stealing the show. Don’t believe me? Take a peek at their performance below during the ACA Awards back in 2011. Stellar to the max! Observe the response of their audience. Even those who can’t keep up with the lyrics found it entertaining.

Thirty years have come and passed, but they still sounded the same. Can you believe that? It should not come as a surprise then when even to newbie listeners, they would become an instant favorite. And for those who maybe not aware of it, they have released new albums for this Y2K era. All you ‘gotta do is to look them up on the Amazon, iTunes, or visit your nearest CD/DVD store. Oh Boy! That’s some great news to all perpetual Alabama fans! We’ll be jamming again in their music for the next three decades or more.

In fact, they still hold concerts and are on tour. Check their website for more details at www.thealabamaband.com/shows.html.

So what do we have to say, folks? They are the “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down” personified, the bringer of the “Song of the South”, the best player of some “Mountain Music”, and a type of “ Angels Among Us” for their endeavors in raising funds for medical assistance and other charity works through their concerts. Don’t keep them only for your selves. Be sure that you “Pass it On Down” their legacy and the longevity of their music to your kids. We’d want them, after all, to be “Born Country”.


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