May 22

Alabama Speaks into Matters of the Soul with Angels Among Us

Any country music lover would not be new to Alabama’s gospel-like hit song, Angels Among Us. Originally released in December of 1993 as part of their 15th studio album, Cheap Seats, the song hits a home run right in the heart. Since it made waves in radio stations worldwide, the song spurred a powerful element of purity and spirituality to millions of listeners. It successfully got charted two times, between 1993 and 1995 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs. Likewise, Owen received countless letters from fans who expressed the song serves as a “blessing” to them. The music video for Angel Among Us’ features Alabama’s vocalist, Randy Owen singing the lyrics while random acts of kindness of various individuals are shown as stills on the screen. [Editor’s Note: Learn about Johnny Horton’s creepy death here].

If you’re wondering what the story behind the soulful song is, the lyrics were drawn from the inspiring lives of every day heroes like John Winstead, who saved a woman from a parking lot attacker by sustaining multiple stab wounds for the latter; as well as Mattie Dotson, whose home she opened to wholeheartedly welcome over 50 foster children. The likes of Winstead and Dotson are just some of the perfect embodiment of the angels among us, selflessly sacrificing their own well-being for the safety and betterment of the majority. Aside from these amazing and selfless individuals, there are many people around us who we can also consider as angels sent to guide us and help us through the tough times we face. We have our teachers who patiently help mold young bright minds for our future, social workers who care less about the pay they get and more about the lives that they touch through their efforts and labor, as well as artists and musicians who take advantage of the position they are in to convey messages about pressing issues in our society and influence their fans to be a source of positive change. We have simple people choosing to keep going even when the tides of challenges continue to try and take their motivation and will to live down.

Alabama Speaks into Matters of the Soul with Angels Among Us 1

If we think about how chaotic and divided the world we are living in is at present, it is a no-brainer that we should find ways by which we can spread a ray of hope and help each other out. It doesn’t matter if the light we share is just a speck because sometimes less can mean a lot for some. Just like how Alabama’s warm, inviting song calms our troubled hearts and compels us to always choose to be above our emotional bouts and issues, we also need to understand that spreading negative vibes alone can make the disputes worse than it already is.

We would love to hear your stories! Do you know anyone who deserves to be known as an “angel” on earth through their acts of kindness? Or do you wish to share your experiences about helping or being helped by kind individuals to inspire more people to spread goodness? Let us know!



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