May 3, 2018

Air Supply’s “The One That You Love”: The No.1 Song In 1981

Air Supply

Indeed, Air Supply is one of the most successful soft rock duos in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Up to these days, they’re still being embraced all over the world. From the youngsters to the elderlies, their choice of music is imprinted. No one will ever forget the band that gave us “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All” and “Here I Am.” These songs would, undoubtedly, ring a bell. Another song that made us emotional is “The One That You Love.” It became their signature and successful single in 1981.

Furthermore, “The One That You Love,” is the definition of someone having true love. Simply, someone asking for time and understanding. We all feel the same way at some point in our lives. Undoubtedly, you can relate to this song.

The Song…

Graham Russell is the songwriter behind the words and lyrics of “The One That You Love.” Also, it is part of their 6th studio album of the same name. Besides the singer, he is also the guitarist of the duo Air Supply. On the other hand, the song became No.1, and it topped the charts on July 25, 1981. It remained at No.1 for a week. It was documented as the only song of the band to be No.1 on the Billboard.

Moreover, “The One That You Love,” peaked No.2 on the Adult Contemporary chart. It was behind “I Don’t Need You” by Kenny Rogers.

The Lyrics…

Now the night has gone, the night has gone away

Doesn’t seem that long, we hardly had two words to say

Hold me in your arms, for just another day

I promise this one will go slow

We have the right you know, have the right you know

Don’t say the morning’s come, say the morning’s come so soon

Must we end this way, when so much here is hard to lose

Love is everywhere, I know it is

Such moments as this, are too few

It’s all up to you, all up to you

Here I am, the one that you love

Askin’ for another day, understand the one that you love

Loves you in so many ways, tell me we can stay

Tell me we can stay oh please, they are the words to say

The only words I can believe, hold me in your arms

For just another day, I promise this one will go slow

We have the right you know, we have the right you know

Talking about Air Supply, it is best describes as the people giving us the best words and lyrics patched with soulful melodies. Their choice of music can prick us and can make us emotional.

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