Bonnie Tyler and Air Supply

Jim Steinman is the person behind the words and lyrics of “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All.” Also, he is the songwriter of the song “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” sung by Bonnie Tyler. These were the two successful songs that Steinman wrote in his career. Nevertheless, the song is a powerful ballad especially with the voices of Air Supply and Bonnie Tyler.


Jim Steinman offered “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All” along with “Total Eclipse Of The Heart to Meat Loaf. Unfortunately, it was declined by the producers and Meat Loaf’s record company. It ended up that Meat Loaf wrote songs for their album.

On the other hand, the two songs were offered to Tyler and Air Supply. They both accepted the song and recorded them. Little did Meat Loaf know that the songs would be a huge success.

Used In “Criminal Minds”…

In 2012, “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” and Making Love Out Of Nothing At All” were the center point of the TV series “Criminal Minds.” In the show, the suspect is convincing the victim that he wasn’t the one who attacked her. The suspect claims he heard her play “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” when, in fact, she played “Making Love Out OF Nothing At All.” The suspect thought it sounded similar because the same person composed both the songs.

Air Supply…

Undoubtedly, Air Supply’s delivery of “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All” is already outstanding. The band outpoured extreme performance and mixed it with sheer emotion. Since they, primarily, recorded the song, no one can beat their performance.

Furthermore, Air Supply released the song in 1983 as part of their album “Greatest Hits.” It became No.2 on the Billboard for three weeks. Their rendition had a close fight with Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse Of The Heart.”

Bonnie Tyler…

After the success of “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All” by Air Supply, it made more successful by Bonnie Tyler. She recorded her cover in 1995. Moreover, it was included in her album “Free Spirit.”

Tyler’s cover was criticized positively by music enthusiasts. Some said Tyler’s rendition was “fantastic.” Many people said the song perfectly matched to her husky voice. Also, critiques mentioned that Air Supply’s version was great, but Tyler’s was awesome.

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