August 28

When Anne Murray Covered Air Supply’s “Even the Nights are Better”

One of the best love songs ever penned is “Even the Nights are Better.” Air Supply originally released the song. Meanwhile, Anne Murray recorded her version. Both have a different approach, but the connection between the listeners and the song was retained.

When Anne Murray Covered Air Supply's “Even the Nights are Better” 1

The song is known worldwide from the youngsters to the elderlies. Apart from that, the song indeed gives us the chills once it hits our eardrums. The lyrics can make us feel the nature loneliness turned into bliss. Besides, the melody has the power to make your eyes water.

When Anne Murray Covered Air Supply's “Even the Nights are Better” 2

Air Supply’s work of arts such as their songs never fades away. They have started offering us great music from the day they rose from prominence. Up to these days, their recordings still can leave us breathless. We can even be carried away by their straightforward lyrics and harmonies. On the other hand, Anne Murray never disappoints us with her smooth vocals. Her songs prick us in different ways.

Even the Nights are Better…

When Anne Murray Covered Air Supply's “Even the Nights are Better” 3

The song is one of the most popular in the 1980s. J. L. Wallace, Kenneth Bell, and Terry Skinner pooled resources for the words and lyrics of “Even the Nights are Better.” It was part of Air Supply’s 1982 album “Now and Forever.” The song reached at number five on the Billboard Hot 100. Also, it became the band’s seventh consecutive to place at the US chart.

Let us all listen once more to “Even the Nights are Better.” Rest assured, the song will bring you back to the old days and memories of the past. Listen to Air Supply’s version as well as Anne Murray’s smooth rendition.

Air Supply…

Anne Murray…

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