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“It Ain’t Nothin'”: Whitley’s No. 1 Song After His Death

This day, we commemorate Keith Whitley’s 29th death anniversary. He was one of the pillars of the Neo-traditional Country Music along with George Strait and Randy Travis. His life maybe short-lived, but his music lives even after his untimely death. Keith Whitley had a number of no. 1 hits during his time. Interestingly, he had 7 more chart-topping hits years after his death. One of them is “It Ain’t Nothin’” which was released 5 months after his death.

Twenty-eight years ago, “It Ain’t Nothin’” topped the charts on January 13. It was a bittersweet moment for Whitley’s friends and family.  “It Ain’t Nothin‘” was the second single and second no. 1 hit from Whitley’s I Wonder Do You Think of Me record. The album was the first to be released after his death.

The song showed an optimism that hid Whitley’s private battle with alcohol and depression.




"It Ain't Nothin'": Whitley's No. 1 Song After His Death 1
Keith Whitley (Photo by Country Fancast)

Written by Tony Haselden and featuring lines such as,

It ain’t nothin a little bit of love won’t fix,
 ain’t nothin but a scratch, a little bit of love can’t stitch,
 ain’t nothin a little bit of love can’t heal.
Your love makes me feel.
No matter what hands me — it ain’t nothin, it ain’t nothin.

About the Song

"It Ain't Nothin'": Whitley's No. 1 Song After His Death 2
(Photo by Discogs)

Originally penned by Tony Haselden, “It Ain’t Nothin’” was recorded by American country music artist Keith Whitley. It was released in October 1989, eight months after Whitley’s death. In addition, it was the second single from the album, I Wonder Do You Think of Me.

It Ain’t Nothin’” is Whitley’s fifth and last no. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. Furthermore, the song was his second posthumous no. 1 single.  The song spent one week at No. 1 and 17 weeks in the Top 40 Hot Country Singles chart.

Listen to Keith Whitley’s no. 1 hit, “It Ain’t Nothin’.”

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