January 18

It Ain’t Eve nor Adam’s, but it’s Elton John’s “Original Sin”

Original sin (Adam and Eve)

Original sin has been traditionally ascribed to the sin of the first man, Adam. He disobeyed God in eating the forbidden fruit (of knowledge of good and evil) and, in consequence, transmitted his sin and guilt by heredity to his descendants. We can trace the account of The Fall of Man in the Book of Genesis.

Original Sin (Elton John)

Putting aside the lyrics, the rhythm of the song creates a sentimental feeling from out of nowhere. While listening, emotions arise inside of you that only you can name.

 Imageries and allusions filled the lines of the song. However, we can plot the literal story behind.

It talks about the narrator who is romantically involved with a person whom he can’t possibly have for a lifetime. The lyrics lead us to assume that the relationship was sort of forbidden for some only-God-knows reasons. A love that can’t be helped but it was patently wrong.

Nonetheless, he deeply expressed how much he is greatly affected by every detail about his beloved. He also added that other admirers around his love are just pretenders and that no one can better love her the way he does.

Up in the balcony
All the Romeo’s are bleeding for your hand
Blowing theater kisses
Reciting lines they don’t understand

Original Sin (When it happens to you)

Romantic love is a traitor sometimes. It comes to you at the time you least expected, worst, it tangles you to the person you shouldn’t fall for. It has a potion that you just cannot resist no matter how steadfast you were, or you think you are.

Tell me how, you know now, the ways and means of getting in
Underneath my skin,
Oh you were always my original sin
And tell me why, I shudder inside, every time we begin
This dangerous game
Oh you were always my original sin

And yeah, you got ‘a be strong if you dare enter the gate of forbidden affairs because it results in unexpected consequences. In this dangerous game, your victory has rare chances, you should know that (and bravely face the fact) from the very beginning.

It Ain’t Eve nor Adam’s, but it’s Elton John’s “Original Sin” 1

All the same, I hope and pray that your relationships will end happily ever after. After all, those fairy tale stories are not just fantasies, they can happen in reality. And I hope yours is one of those on the list of beautiful stories that ever exist.


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