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Agree or Disagree: Billboard Critics’ Top 10 George Strait Songs


Country Thang Daily is aware that a lot of its followers are big fans of George Strait and his undying country music artistry.


George Strait album covers



Clearly, we couldn’t blame you with this fandom because hey, it’s George Strait.  Some of you might not be over yet about Rolling Stone’s placement of George Strait to number 20 spot. Fret not; this article is dedicated to George Strait’s awesomeness and a ‘Strait only’ Billboard analysis of narrowing down the greatest hits of the Grammy Award winner.


As fans like you, we couldn’t really imagine narrowing down the discography of George Strait because it’s the good ole music that we miss and there shouldn’t be any ranking at all. We also thought that this is a very subjective matter and we would still leave the deciding to you because we trust your country music omniscience.

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Here’s the Top 10 George Strait Songs according to Billboard and Why the Critics pick these songs:


  1. George Strait – “I Hate Everything”
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As the singer entered his fifties, several of his songs included a little bit of wisdom due to the experience that he had gained in his life. Nowhere was that more apparent than on this 2004 chart-topper about a man whose bitterness about life serves as notice to a younger bar patron concerning a road that he doesn’t want to proceed down, so he calls his significant other to bury the hatchet.


  1. George Strait – “Amarillo By Morning”


Though not a number one record, the song has remained a staple of the George Strait catalog with its aching portrayal of the loneliness felt by a rodeo cowboy. Strait’s yearning vocal approach combined with the classic fiddle intro on this one makes this one that fans keep gravitating back to time and time again since its release in the winter of 1983. It definitely found its niche, having been selected by the Western Writers of America as one of the Top 100 Western Songs of All-Time.


  1. George Strait – “One Night At A Time”
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A Strait hit that spent five weeks atop the charts, this one was George at his romantic best. The dreamy melody captivated listeners when it was released in the spring of 1997, helping lift the Carrying Your Love With Me disc all the way to a triple-platinum certification.


  1. George Strait – “Give It Away”


The song that helped Strait to pass Conway Twitty for the most number ones in country music history had the word “hit” written all over it. First of all, Strait added just the right amount of sarcasm to the lyrics about a break-up, which were penned by critical favorite Jamey Johnson, veteran tunesmith / producer Buddy Cannon, and Country Music Hall of Fame member Bill Anderson. Written about Johnson’s impending divorce, the song enabled all four men to laugh – all the way to the top of the charts upon its release in the summer of 2006.


  1. George Strait – “Love Without End, Amen” 
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The first of Strait’s hits to spend five weeks at the top, this 1990 single shot to the top in quick fashion thanks to the exposure the singer gave it when he debuted it on the ACM Awards that spring. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the song about a father’s undying love for his children was released to coincide with Fathers’ Day. The song also featured some religious undertones in the final verse, making it one of the first hit George Strait songs to do so.


  1. George Strait – “I Cross My Heart” 


Perhaps no song represents George Strait as his most romantic and sentimental as this 1992 hit, which served as the centerpiece of the soundtrack from his Pure Country film. In the role of Wyatt “Dusty” Chandler, the singer set female hearts aflutter with the emotional lyrics from Steve Dorff and Eric Kaz, this was also the first Strait single to be co-produced by veteran hitmaker Tony Brown. One of the top love – and wedding – songs in country music history, and nobody does them finer!


  1. George Strait – “I Just Want To Dance With You”
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Roger Cook and the legendary John Prine teamed up for this romantic mid-tempo number that gave George a chance to stretch just a little, with its tropical-flavored “cha-cha” beat. The song was the first single from his 1998 disc One Step At A Time, and provided many a dance-floor moment for fans that summer.


  1. George Strait – “All My Ex’s Live In Texas”


By 1987, Strait was firmly entrenched as one of the top artists in the format, and this single was a perfect complement of a down-home arrangement buoyed by his wry sense of humor. Reflecting on a life that included plenty of love in his past, and about the same number of partings, the singer gave the listeners many reasons why he should avoid the Lone Star State at all costs – due to the healthy amount of former lovers there. Somehow, you get the feeling that he never left – and likely found new fuel for his flames!


  1. George Strait – “The Chair”
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Dean Dillon has become Strait’s go-to writer of choice, and for good reason. So many of his biggest moments on record come from Dillon, who partnered with the incomparable Hank Cochran on this bit of classic wordplay that became one of of country music’s most unforgettable pick-up lines. Yes, the line “Can I Drink You A Buy?” was actually meant that way, and the listeners loved this ballad to number one perfection in 1985. In the history of classic George Strait songs, this one was definitely “Something Special” – the name of the album from which it was pulled!


According to Billboard, the songs were chosen based on the career-defining moments of the Country Hall of Famer.


Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts on the comments below!


H/T:  Billboard


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