June 6

Dare to live Against the Grain with Mark Lowry

Dare to live Against the Grain with Mark Lowry 1

Giving a hearty “Amen” won’t suffice. The real question is, are we able to continue living against the grain? From the Gaither’s album, The Circuit, here’s Mark Lowry again rendering us a song that suitably describes the Christian life.

Against the Grain

More than Mark Lowry’s spectacular singing, this is a song worth including in your Christian playlist. The message speaks volumes and we’ll be frequently needing this dose of reminder.

What’s in the Song?

As expected from a Southern gospel composition, it’s a call and response arrangement.

But more than a reminder, Against the Grain, is an affirmation to any sincere believer who diligently walked this life following the Lord’s way. The song spelled that the payoff will be worth it. Of course, it wasn’t easy. Nobody wants to be an oddball so we try our best to fit in. Still, there are some things we would not want to compromise. Consequently, there’ll be times we’ll be at odds with the mainstream.

So to our old folks, won’t it give you joy seeing the difference between going with the flow and against it?

Life, Sandpaper of Faith

I specifically love that line. It’s human to murmur and to complain when we’re in the middle of inconveniences. But, let’s not get stuck there. As we’re progressing in our knowledge, may we reach the point where we see all that’s happening in our lives as our sandpaper. Without the friction from various difficulties and hurdles, how then can we have tempered minds and souls?

Putting it in practice, it’s the character of Jesus that we’re aiming at. He maintained a meek spirit before slanders, ridicules, and injustice. Instead of playing the victim card, he prayed for his persecutors. While we could not compare to that kind magnanimity, it’s still a possibility to come close to it. As long as we’re following close to the footsteps of our Savior, we can do all things.

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