December 18

Advent Song IV: “O Come All Ye Faithful“

There is nothing like singing and listening to songs that have ‘souls.’ Moreover, there is nothing like hearing it from Alan Jackson, a country legend we admire both as a singer and as a person.
(Plug in your earphones folks. We’re in for a treat here.)

Alan Jackson in “O Come All Ye Faithful”


To many, “O Come All Ye Faithful” could just be among the classic Christmas carols. For the rest of us who observe Advent, the meaning runs deeper. As we anticipate the second coming of Jesus, we go back to the beginning of his story as a man.

The said tune then is our untiring reminder to ourselves that first coming of Jesus in the flesh. It blows our minds that our God has chosen to live among his creatures. That was inconceivable to happen in human history! And speaking of history, Jesus’s story of ‘born to rule’ was unique. While other babies grew up conquering territories in pursuit of power, the infant Jesus was destined to save the world He will one day rule. He did so not by force and repression but by love. In love, he was willing to give up heavenly royalty in order to gain mankind, even to the point of death. Would we not want a king like this?

After resurrecting from the dead, we were given the task to spread the good news. That of his kingdom and him as our rightful King. He will come again to live with us. This time, it will be for all eternity.

So how are our reflections coming? Can we honestly count ourselves as among the ‘faithful’? Hope we all are. When Jesus finally returns, he will call us ‘faithful’, ‘joyful’, and ‘triumphant!’ All our laboring and waiting will be worth it.


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