December 11

Advent Song III: “Who is On the Lord’s Side?”

Who else grew up listening to the original Hinsons? Here is a treat for Y’all!

“Who is on the Lord’s Side?” by the Hinsons

The title alone is enough to make us flinch a little. Much as we think we are ready for Jesus’ coming, we could never be fully ready. We are just ‘ready enough.’

Still, the greater question is, “are we on the Lord’s side?” If we say yes, then let us assess ourselves. Are we on the side of righteousness? Are we continually changing and emulating the character of Jesus? Are we not slacking on our duties? While we could not honestly claim we are doing all those perfectly, still, they are proofs that we are on his side.  This is the significance I see in “Who is On the Lord’s side?” That somewhat uncomfortable question was written for our benefit.

Once Jesus reveals Himself to all nations, there will be no asking of that question. Remember his story of the king separating the goats from the sheep? That is how it would be on that great revealing. Jesus knows who are truly on his side. While we still have time, let us make sure we are the real deal.


It is always such a delight to be hearing songs that will keep your eyes on God. What I mean by that is the caliber of songs that will ‘truly’ make you think of him. Having heard the Hinsons’ songs, I say we need more singers like them who could give us such content.  Now, do not misunderstand. We have many good songs about gospel and Christianity. What I deem as most influential though were those that speak of God’s traits and deeds. Personally, it helps keep my focus on him. Instead of worrying about my troubles, I get to trust him more. Why am I telling you these? For one, it is to advocate for the Hinsons’ songs. (And I am not paid for this.) Theirs were with intent and not for the money.


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