There aren’t enough thank you’s in the world to express the gratitude America has for those who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. That’s what makes songs like Trace Adkins“Still a Soldier” so important.

Adkins explains that the song intends to salute those men and women who served this country. Those who continue to protect this country with pride, and would go back to service in a heartbeat if asked, even if they suffered from pain during their previous call of duty. He also explains that the song touches on the subject of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Brian Gerwitz along with his friend, Nick May, and a retired first lieutenant who served in the Vietnam War stood onstage on Trace Adkin’s concert

Still A Soldier

In the official music video, there are no actors. Instead, the clip stars Army Spc. Brian Gerwitz in a mini-movie that shows what happens when combat veterans return to civilian life.

The video documents the night Adkins and Gerwitz met, and it was an emotional event for the two new friends. It was at Adkins’ concert in Paducah, Kentucky when he invited U.S. military veterans onstage to thank them for their service. While Gerwitz along with his friend, Nick May, and a retired first lieutenant who served in the Vietnam War stood onstage, the Vietnam vet called them to attention. That moment brought Adkins to tears.

 “It’s given me true perspective,” Adkins said, “that sometimes when things get bad, it’s not that bad. I mean, I’ve spent time with people who have lost limbs, have a traumatic brain injury and are scarred from the memories that they have, and they’re haunted by things they’ve seen. No matter how bad my day may be, it’s not that bad. There are people who have had it much worse.”

“Still a Soldier” is just as poignant toward the soldiers that may not have paid the ultimate price for freedom, but the price they paid is still higher than most people would be willing to pay for people they have never met. That price is still way higher than you or I could ever repay for their sacrifices. 

CMT Hot 20 Countdown filmed Adkins and Gerwitz’s recent visit to the Ft. Campbell Army Base where they attended its Air Assault School and gave back to officers and enlisted personnel. “Still a Soldier”  is a part of Adkins’ set when he joined Blake Shelton’s Country Music Freaks Tour on February 2017.

Army Specialist Brian Gerwitz

Salute to Adkins too!

Conversely, Adkins’ work with veterans through several USO tours and his work with the Wounded Warrior Project has forever changed him. Trace has long been an advocate for our troops. He’s currently a spokesperson for the Wounded Warrior Project, has done 12 overseas USO trips and is a regular participant in fundraising events for active and inactive members of the military. Usually, he ends his songs with a message to those who serve our country.

Listen to the song “Still a Soldier” by Trace Adkins in the lyric video below and see what you think of it.

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