February 6

Trace Adkins Tells Us Why “Ladies Love Country Boys”

After nine years, Trace Adkins finally scored another number one on the Billboard Country chart. The last time he had a number one was in 1997 with his single “(This Ain’t) No Thinkin’ Thing.”

Trace Adkins
Photo Credit: Trace Adkins/ Official Facebook Page

Trace Adkins’ Recording of “Ladies Love Country Boys”

The song was written by Jamey Johnson, Rivers Rutherford, and George Teren. Adkins’ took notice of the song and recorded it for his album Dangerous Man. After a few months, he released it as a single, and then it entered the chart.

The Making of the Song

Rutherford told Country Music Matter about the process of writing the song. He mentioned that it was written for Johnson, but he didn’t record the song. After which, he thought the song was going to be put in the shelf because no one wanted to record it until Adkins’ stepped in.

About the Song

“Ladies Love Country Boys” tells the story of a city girl who’s educated and raised to be a lady. She had good grades and a beautiful life but one day, she came home with a guy. He’s not an ordinary guy. He’s a country boy.

Now she’s comin’ home to visit

Holdin’ the hand

Of a wild-eyed boy

With a farmer’s tan

Adkins’ says that no matter how you raise a person, they’ll always fall in love with a man from the country because of their charm.

You can raise her up a lady

But there’s one thing you just can’t avoid

Ladies love country boys

The Album Dangerous Man

Aside from his song reaching the top of the chart, his album reached number one too. Therefore, this marked his second number one album on the Billboard. Dangerous Man also entered the Billboard 200 chart reaching number three. There were two more songs in his album that he released as a single. “Swing” placed at number sixty on the chart, and “I Wanna Feel Something” secured the number twenty-five spot on the chart.


Trace Adkins

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