September 21

Addicted Texas Couple Abandoned a Child Possessed by Demons

Addicted Texas Couple Abandoned a Child Possessed by Demons 1A Texas couple is now facing child endangerment charges. Bowie County Sheriff’s Office said that the couple locked a 7-year-old boy out of their home and they told him never to return again because he was possessed by demons.

The step-father of the boy, Ronald “Keith” Wright, 56, and the boy’s, biological mother, Rendy Wright, 39, kicked the boy out of their home on August 26 in the 400 block of County Road 2111 in Hooks, Texas, according to a probable cause affidavit used to create the following account. Bowie County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a welfare concern call that day in a church parking lot near the Wright’s home.

A neighbor told the deputies that the boy had spent most of the day at his home, playing with his son. The neighbor added that he told the boy to go home when the dinner hour was close. The boy left and after 10 minutes, he returned then said that his mother locked him out of the house. The neighbor believed that the Wrights might not be home that’s why he drove the boy home where he saw Keith Wright mowing the yard.

“He advised that he assumed everything was okay, could see that the family was home, and so he let (the boy) out of his truck at the residence,” the affidavit states.

Another 10 minutes passed, the boy returned to the neighbor’s home crying and said that “Keith told him to go away and never return home again, ever. He said that his mother locked him out of the house and told him the same.”

That was the point the neighbor called the cops. When the deputies arrived, they found Keith still mowing the yard. He confirmed that he locked the boy out and told him to leave.

Keith told the deputies that the boy, “would not mind or do what he was told and he was tired of it,” when asked why he and Rendy Wright had done the act. Both Keith and Rendy told the deputies that they had spoken with a preacher about the boy and they were told he is possessed by demons.

The behaviors of the parents led the deputies to ask if they are using methamphetamine. The couple both denied using the drug that day or to being addicted to it, they admitted to using the drug, as more of a “hobby.”

Keith Wright and Rendy Wright were arrested last week. Each was charged with abandoning or endangering a child, an offense punishable by two to 10 years in prison. Both are free on bonds of $35,000. The cases have been assigned to 202nd District Judge John Tidwell.

This is truly sad, I’ve said it before, your child is a part of you and if you’re doing nothing but hurt them, you don’t deserve them. They could have set the boy for adoption or something, but then again, the mother could’ve used contraceptives. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.




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