If there’s one up and coming star that we should be looking out for, it’s Adam Krum. The rising star has already released one of his latest singles and is sure to be a great addition to our country playlists.

adam krum

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With his latest single “Invincible” officially out, the star has added yet another great music to his already growing list. Take this time and get to know more about the country rock star through this short exclusive interview with Country Thang Daily.

All About Adam Krum

adam krum

via Adam Krum’s Facebook page

Country Daily: What inspired you to choose country music as a genre? Are there any specific artists that inspired you?

Adam Krum: I have been listening to country music since I can remember. By far my favorite artist and inspiration were Kenny Chesney. I have a passion for the Islands and boating and when the album “Be as you are” came out I literally would just drift away and just imagine I was in the middle of the ocean on a boat with no worries and a Corona.

CD: How did your love for music start? What, or who made you want to be a singer?

AK: Funny story- I grew up in a rougher town in Washington State and I would come to school and there would be a circle of people and they would be having freestyle battles and I was the only white kid who would participate “straight out of 8 mile”. So I would write all these lyrics down in my school binder which eventually turned into songs. Since I loved country music I kinda steered away from hip hop & rap and went back to my roots.

I am just so excited to be able to record now and perform in front of people who listen to my music. There is nothing like when a crowd sings your music back to you.

CD: What was it like at the start of your career? How did you grow as an artist and how did you come to where you are now?

AK:  I have been writing for a long time but have never been too serious just words on a paper. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago I got connected with Golden West Productions (Brittany Knott and Taylor Nash) to record my first EP and a lot of these words came to life and I recorded my first 3 songs.

I have been doing shows and the first show in my hometown here in Seattle sold out, which was super exciting! People have been following me and my music ever since. I just recorded 3 new songs in Nashville a few months ago including “Invincible” which we just released. Excited to see what happens and looking forward to singing it live.

adam krum

via Adam Krum’s Facebook page

CD: Do you write your own songs? Where do your inspirations come from?

AK:  I do write songs and love doing it. The songs I recorded so far are a mixture of songs I’ve co-written on along with songs solely written by some amazing writers in Nashville. The first I wrote and recorded was a song called Dad in the Headlights.

I decided to go record my first EP and my first son, Crew, was just born. As you could imagine I had a lot of sleepless nights that I could come up with good song ideas (haha).

He wasn’t exactly the easiest baby, so I literally felt like a deer in the headlights: that’s when Dad in the Headlights came to me. I co-wrote that with Golden West and I made a music video for it a few months ago, which is on my Youtube channel. It’s been having great momentum so far and is climbing its way to a million views in the short amount of time it’s been online!

CD: Your new single “Invincible” is definitely a contemporary country-rock tune, fans are sure to love it, what inspired it? What’s the story behind it?

AK: Invincible was written by Ryan Sorestad, Jenny Marvin, and Brittany & Nash (Golden West). The first time I heard this song it was just a work tape they had from the session: no demo, just an acoustic guitar and them live jamming to it. The first thing I thought is:

“this is the theme song for that one night you’ll never forget! Whether it was your first concert, sporting event, a crazy party or that first date with the girl/boy you liked so much and you are having so much fun that nothing in the world could ruin your night, you are truly feeling Invincible.”

That’s when I knew I had to have it!

CD: Are there any new songs that we should be looking out for?

AK: I have 2 more songs releasing this year so stay on the lookout. I couldn’t be more excited!

CD: How can your fans reach you? What are your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages? Do you have an official website?

AK:  Fans can keep up with me, shows & new music on IG @adamkrum, Twitter @adamkrummusic, and facebook at Adam Krum

CD: Any tours, performances, or shows that we should be looking out for?

AK:  I will be headlining the Hard Rock Seattle on Saturday, Nov 9th at 8 pm :). Come check us out.

adam krum

via Adam Krum’s Facebook page