June 8

Roy Acuff Invites Us to Travel on “That Glory Bound Train”

Trains are among the popular subjects of music especially the traditional ones. This enormous transportation is often featured in classic love songs and gospel tunes alike. Boxcar Willie performed a perfect train whistle in his Train Medley” songs. John Loudermilk wrote Blue Trainfor those who are feeling blue as a result of a heartbreak. Meanwhile, Josh Turner poses a warning for everyone not to be tempted to travel on that Long Black Train.” That’s because this train’s “only destination is the middle of nowhere.”

Prior to that deterrent song, Roy Acuff recorded what was considered a train worth traveling on. This train is bound for the place known as “Glory.” Hence, the title “That Glory Bound Train.” The song encourages everyone to make the necessary preparations for this trip. Early purchase of a ticket is advised to ensure a seat. The song consists of four lines and a chorus sung after each line. Acuff first recorded the song in 1961 and it appeared on the album of the same name. It was later on re-recorded and released on four other albums of the singer. Kitty Wells and Rose Maddox were among the country music artists who covered the song.

Below is an old video clip, (thanks to the one who preserved it), showing Roy AcuffHank Williamsand the Carter Family performing the song in a lively and joyful vibe. While the footage is quite old and difficult to visualize, the song conveys a very straightforward message. Listen to the performance and we’ll see if it won’t make you buy your ticket for “That Glory Bound Train.” Everyone, let’s indulge in this so-called ride of a lifetime.

The Lyrics

Come and listen won’t you brother have you heard or don’t you know
There’s a train that’s bound for Glory will you ride it when it goes

Has your ticket yet been purchased for that Glory bound train
Oh will you ride oh will you ride will you ride that train to Glory by and by

Have you made all preparations reservations are complete
When you hear that whistle blowing will you be there at your seat

Has your ticket yet been purchased…
[ ac. Guitar ]

When these golden bells start ringing swinging on that golden chord
Will you have your ticket ready when you hear that all aboard

Has your ticket yet been purchased…
[ ac. Guitar ]

When you hear it in the distance hear it’s mighty drivers roar
Just a little while to tarry then we’ll walk those streets of gold

Has your ticket yet been purchased…

Lyrics Source: lyricsfreak.com

Roy Acuff Invites Us to Travel on "That Glory Bound Train" 1
Photo credit: musicstack.com

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