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“Nothing About Love:” The Meaning of Love by LeAnn Rimes

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What is love? A common question asked but doesn’t have the precise answer to it. Some questions will produce one correct answer only. Like when solving a math problem, there are no two answers to a given problem in math. However, with love, there can be a million answers. When someone asks you about love, there are no right or wrong answers, because love depends on you.

“Nothing About Love” Content

“Nothing About Love” recorded by LeAnn Rimes in 2004 is a song that describes a love that does not make sense at all. The narrator is confused by what love really means because she feels one thing then the next time she feels another. The narrator thinks that love can do anything or be anything. Love is not a fixed answer but a feeling and something to be experienced. Confused as she may be, the narrator still appreciated love despite its confusing nature.

Song and Album Performance

LeAnn Rimes recorded Garry Burr, Joel Feeney and Kylie Sackley’s song in 2004 for her album This Woman. Her song entered the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and peaked at No. 5. In addition, it crossed over the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 52. LeAnn Rimes album This Woman peaked at No. 3 on the Top Album Sales chart and No. 2 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart in 2005.

Something About the Artist

LeAnn Rimes is not only a country singer, but she has appeared on several Hollywood films, from 1998 to 2017. Her latest film is Logan Lucky, a comedy film starring Channing Tatum and Seth MacFarlane. LeAnn Rimes success in country music leads her to become a pop star. However, in 2002 when her Twisted Angel didn’t sell well, she returned to her first love country music. Her album This Woman was her return to Country.

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LeAnn Rimes, Nothing About Love

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