July 29

Gone Too Soon: Country Singer Abby Nicole Meets Untimely Demise at 25

Another artistic soul makes its way back home to heaven after Nebraska-based country singer Abby Nicole succumbs to her final moments in a UTV crash.

Abby Nicole, (born Abby Uecker), was pronounced dead on Sunday, at around 5:30 a.m. She was only 25 years old. Her body was found in the remains of an accident that involved a utility task vehicle. After emergency officials were called to respond, they found the UTV along the racetracks at the Thayer County Fairgrounds in Deshler, Nebraska. It was the same location where Nicole and her band, Country Road had performed prior to the grim accident.
She died an hour after she was admitted to the Thayer County Health Services in Hebron due to the severe injuries she sustained. At the moment, the entire situation is still under investigation.

The young singer’s untimely death officially put an end to her promising musical career. Harboring a flaming passion for singing at the gentle age of 4, Abby knew early on that she would eventually pursue music as her full-time career. When she was in college, County Road invited Abby to join the band as their vocalist, an offer that Abby couldn’t resist. Sadly, she was diagnosed with brain tumor December of 2014, and she had no choice but to put her schooling and musical career on hold to make way for her immediate surgery.
After she miraculously survived the highly delicate medical procedure in February 2015, Abby resumed her studies and officially began performing with her band. She recorded her first E.P. on the 30th of June, the year 2016, soon after she finished a degree in college.


Gone Too Soon: Country Singer Abby Nicole Meets Untimely Demise at 25 1

Aside from her intense dedication to music, Abby was also known as a big family-oriented person. Her drummer and band manager, Char Barnhill shares that on one occasion, they played in a town that was an hour away from where her sister lived. At that time, Abby was clearly exhausted after performing the night, and was supposed to take some rest to prep her for the following night of their performance. But, the singer decided to drive to her sister’s house and spend the day with her lovely niece. Abby’s bandmates described her as a person who is true and a “lover of everyone.”

Had she not met her demise, Abby would have moved to Nashville in August to continue pursuing her ambition of becoming a true, professional singer.

I will always love you, Abby. I promise to celebrate your Life with others. You touched so many lives. Especially mine. Music is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Thank you for being my gift.”

Barnhill shares on his Facebook account as he fondly yet painfully remembers her dear bandmate.

Meanwhile, police have not yet revealed the UTV driver’s identity, but it appears that it holds the key to revealing what really transpired prior to the grim accident.

Rest in peace, Abby Nicole. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.



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