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Aaron Tippin’, the Man Who Taught us to Stand for Something


Aaron Tippin', the Man Who Taught us to Stand for Something 1
Aaron Tippin (image from Youtube)

An important artist during the explosion of new traditionalist country in the early 90’s, Aaron Tippin was known to have a mixture of the macho, rowdy honky tonks, sentimental ballads, and patriotic working man’s anthems. Today, Country Thang Daily celebrates with Aaron as he welcomes a new chapter in his life.

In 1958, Aaron was born in Pensacola, Florida. He started playing guitar at the age of ten, and his past time was singing on a farm near their house. While he was growing, he learned to love flying, as his dad was a pilot. He earned his pilot’s license at the age of fifteen. He pursued to become a professional airline pilot, but the industry took a major downturn during that time. This led him to return to music.

He played on some honky tonk bars and write a couple of songs while doing some blue-collar jobs. He became a staff songwriter at the Acuff-Rose firm. His compositions were recorded by popular icons like Charley Pride, Mark Collie, and David Ball. In 1990, he started a contract with RCA.

Aaron Tippin', the Man Who Taught us to Stand for Something 2
Aaron Tippin (image from Youtube)

Countrified Journey

In 1991, Aaron finally released his debut album, You’ve Got to Stand for Something. Its title cut became a Top 10 smash hit in the wake of the Persian Gulf War. Aaron was then invited along on Bob Hope’s USO tour.

His success continues to flourish with his second album, Read Between the Lines, released in 1992. It also became a million-selling smash. Also, it produced 3 top ten singles in “I Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way,” “My Blue Angel,” and Aaron’s first number one hit, “There Ain’t Nothing Wrong With the Radio.”

Aaron continued to release more albums the following years. His last active appearance was in 2013, where he set out the road with fellow country singers Sammy Kershaw and Joe Diffie. They released their album, All in the Same Boat in May 2013.

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