July 12

Aaron Lewis honors the military men with “Folded Flag”

Aaron Lewis honors the military men with “Folded Flag” 1

We know that the former Staind vocalist takes time to honor the military troops. After all, they make sacrifices and keep out country safe. He continues to do so by releasing a new song “Folded Flag” specially dedicated for them.

The song “Folded Flag” was released on Flag Day. It is a tragic ode to the men who have sacrificed and died for the country. The lyrics are in a letter form from a soldier who leaves his wife and unborn baby. The flag that is placed on his coffin is the only remembrance left for her as he departs.

The song was produced by Ben Kitterman and  written by  Marty Morgan, Luc Nyhus and Yasmine Van Wilt. The song basically expresses gratitude for our heroes services. “Two men with starch white gloves / Fold the colors ‘til they touch / It’s probably more than I deserve / But I’m proud to get this much / Sendin’ all the love I ever had / Inside this folded flag.”

“In today’s world, the ultimate sacrifice that our servicemen and women give selflessly in protection of the American Dream is often overlooked,” said Lewis. “The first time I heard this song, I watched three battle-hardened special forces soldiers cry after hearing it. I knew it hit home and I knew it deserved to be heard.”

Have you ever been to one of his shows?  Apparently, he opens each performance with “The Pledge of Alliance.” He also requests his audience to remove their hats in one of his performances on Spike TV’s Rock the Troops.

The moving song is currently available on iTunes or Spotify, and may be the first preview of an upcoming album. He most recently released his country LP, Sinner, last year.

Listen to the song “Folded Flag”.


Lewis is currently out on the road with his headlining Sinner Tour across the U.S. You can find a full list of his upcoming tour dates on his website aaronlewismusic.com/.

I’m sure everyone appreciates how much he respects the protectors of our country.


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