November 19

An Examination of the Movie “A Star is Born” [Pt. 4]

We’re down to the last part of the review of the movie “A Star is Born!” Here are the two last prongs of the review. Let’s dive right into it.

The Music Industry

“A Star is Born” also highlights the “Hollywood Machine.” It shows us how Ally is transformed into a very marketable artist. We see her fight the process. But in the end, Ally gets gobbled up by the machine. The movie portrays the transformation subtly. From integrating dancers in the performance, to changing her hair, to having a different wardrobe. It was a slow process that can be missed when you get too caught up with Jack’s drinking problems or Ally’s desperate attempt to keep him afloat.

In retrospect, it’s what happens to every talent out there. People are willing to sacrifice some part of them to be famous. Even though Ally vehemently said that she didn’t want to lose herself, she still had to sacrifice a few things for her to push her career further.

It’s a really great parallel to the original “A Star is Born.” In it, the main protagonist, named Esther, is shown to be transformed into “Vicky Lester.” She was given a whole package: an interesting origin story, a new look, and a new persona. And throughout these years, this is the process that Hollywood goes through. We are given an ambiguous idea of who could be our idols.

The Soundtrack

Okay, so this is by far one of the best things that the movie can offer us. It provides us with a sound that Lady Gaga has not offered before. It also gives us a good glimpse of Bradley Cooper’s amazing singing talent. The fantastic thing about this album is looking for Ally and Jackson’s sound. Director Bradley Cooper wanted Jackson to be rooted so firmly in country and rock, so he called Luke Nelson, Willie Nelson’s son, to join in on the project. He worked for about a year for Jack’s voice. While for Ally, they wanted someone with a “nuclear powerhouse” of a voice. And would then later cast Gaga just for that purpose.

The songs are hauntingly expressive, as it helps narrate the stories of Jack and Ally. Their words are intertwined in both the sound and the lyrics of the song. And it is definitely one of the best OSTs in 2018.

Listen to one of their songs here, and I highly suggest you listen to the whole album!


Ally, Bradley Cooper, Jackson, Lady Gaga

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