October 11

A Dose of Sunshine With Anne Murray’s “A Little Good News”

Whenever we feel down or our mood’s just not in sync with the positive vibes of the world, we tend to turn to the soothing effects that music can bring to us. Each of us has our own go-to song whenever we don’t feel our best, and one of our favorite country artists, Anne Murray, also has something to say about going through sad, grey days.

You probably haven’t forgotten A Little Good News—Anne Murray’s lead single from her 1983 album bearing the same name. The song has a strong message of encouragement; something that we feel is strongly relevant for the present time. With all the heartbreaking news we hear and watch every day, it sure doesn’t hurt to listen to something more positive for a change.


The story behind A Little Good News is a wish-full take on the kind of stories and facts of current events being presented to us. In the lyrics, the narrator openly articulates feelings of hopelessness over the overflowing negativity over all the violence and suffering being published in newspapers and on TV. As such, the narrator wonders how beautiful an alternative it would be if the news would report nothing but pleasant news even for just a day.  They would have nothing bad to say or share to the people at all.

Instantly, the song left a great impact on the listeners. Thanks to the combined songwriting genius of Rory Michael Bourke, Charlie Black, and Tommy Rocco, it became Anne Murray’s 7th No. 1 hit on the Billboard country hot chart. Anne Murray’s track also made it to the number one spot on the US Country charts for 20 weeks, snagged the 10th slot for Adult Contemporary, and ranked 74th on the Pop genre. It was awarded a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance in 1984, giving Anne Murray her very first Grammy win. Meanwhile, the Country Music Association branded Murray’s hit as Single of the Year.

Adding to the success of the positive track, A Little Good News was also used as the opening theme song to the program of the same name on CJON-DT. The show ran from 1984 to 2000.

It’s been clear that the world was one with Anne Murray when she wished for a little more optimism and ray of hope through her beautiful song.


Anne Murray

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