October 9

“A Greater Yes:” A Song of Being Still & Trusting God’s Will

When we ask something from God through prayers, the positive thought and feeling are always inevitable. In other words, in most, if not all, of our prayers, we expect God’s answer to be “yes.” One thing I’ve learned growing in the church life was that God hears and answers all our prayers. However, He answers them in three ways – Yes, No, and Wait. With that said, most of us would immediately conclude that God does not answer all prayers or that God does not hear us always. But for people with more mature faith, the case would be different. They would cling to their profound belief that God knows better what’s best for us. The song “There Must Be a Greater Yes” or simply “A Greater Yes” would help us deepen our understanding of this thought. The song was by the local gospel singing group known as the Whisnants.

Being Still and Understanding God’s Will

Anyone who, just by reading the lyrics, could easily find resonance with them. The opening verse tells one thing we commonly do. When our desires something, we turn to God. We pray for it – earnestly and faithfully. But when time passed by and nothing happens, we begin to question God. Does He hear us? Why is He not answering? Then, bitterness begins to sprout from our heart. We ended up regretting that we prayed. But, the succeeding chorus helps enlighten our mind.

You never pray a prayer; your Father will not answer
He can’t ignore His child’s earnest request
While you’re waiting and believing
For what you thought was best
Trust God if He says no

You’re still blessed
There must be a greater yes

The second verse is trying to redirect our path to God. Most of the time, our premature-faith is leading us astray. When problems strike, we tend to feel helpless and hopeless instead of strengthening our faith in God. There are times also that we blame God for our troubles instead of trusting Him more. Just like the message conveyed in this verse, our thinking must be that when God is silent, He must be working on something more than we ask Him for.

The bridge elaborates the ways by which God answers prayers.

Sometimes God will answer – just like we prayed
Then other times what’s on His mind
Is a better plan, another way, a greater yes

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God answers all prayers, The Whisnants, Trusting God's Will

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