“A Country Boy Can Survive” is one of Hank Williams Jr.’s unmistakable hit classic songs, but it may surprise many that it wasn’t a number 1 hit.

a country boy can survive

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“A Country Boy Can Survive” is a song that speaks of the impact of the fast-paced modern life on the simple cowboy life. The modernization and fast urbanization of many rural places in America is, of course, a good thing. It is a good sign of stable economic growth but at the same time, according to the song, it threatens the true cowboy lifestyle.

By that, it means that some of the tried and true traditions, beliefs, and values in the country are slowly being replaced due to rapid urbanization or worse even these traditions, beliefs, and values are dying. However, despite all that Hank Williams Jr. is confident that “A Country Boy Can Survive” due to their strong will and steadfast nature.

Though this song may have been released back in 1982, its message is still relevant today. There are many instances where our core values, beliefs, and traditions are dying out due to trends. While they aren’t necessarily bad, certain belief systems and traditions should be updated, not everything has to go.

We always find ourselves sacrificing moral integrity just for the sake of fitting in or going with the trend. However, before going with new trends or accepting modern belief systems, we should always step back and look at the bigger picture, is it worth it?

Always remember as well, that just like the cowboy, we will survive. Just remain steadfast and never forget our core values.

The Surprising Number 2 hit in “A Country Boy Can Survive”

This song was written and first recorded by Hank Williams Jr. back in January of 1982. It was released as a single and the surprising thing is that it peaked at number 2 despite its good reception.

Another variant of this song was released after the events of 9/11 where Williams re-wrote the lyrics and re-released it with the title “America Will Survive.”