June 14

The Stunning A Cappella Version of “A Rose Among the Thorns”

That was awesome! The cool and captivating vocals of The Bishops helped lead the performance to a stunning end. This is just one of the numerous performances of “A Rose Among the Thorns” by the group. If you happen to watch several versions of their live singing of it, you’ll notice the consistency in the exquisiteness of their delivery. That’s without reference to the time the performance was made. That only means that this gospel singing quartet is giving their all when praising God through their songs. No wonder the group was able to record not less than 20 albums during their active years.

Christ’s Representation

Reverend Ernest C. Martin penned the lyrics to the song “A Rose Among the Thorns.” The gospel quartet The Bishops recorded it on their 2000 album All The Best. This song narrates a story about nature and God’s creation until it reaches its main subject. Belonging to the flora form of life, a rose is a symbolic flower. Oftentimes, it is used to symbolize love or beauty. But in this song, the rose flower was used to represent Jesus Christ. How lovely! Isn’t it?

One day among the world of thorns
A rose began to grow
It was the greatest gift of God
This world will ever know

The above lines were meant to introduce who that ‘rose’ is referring to. The phrase, “the greatest gift of God,” provides us with the key. For what or who else could be God’s greatest gift to mankind other than His only begotten Son? We’ve already known the answer to this from the book of John. And as we move further, the song will make it even clearer for us. The following lines summarized the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

There in the town of Bethlehem
A rose began to bud
It lived to bloom until one day
Was crushed with awful frown
And then with love from God above
Was moved to higher ground

The Stunning A Cappella Version of "A Rose Among the Thorns" 1
The Bishops | Photo: Screen grabbed from Youtube

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Rev. Ernest C. Martin, The Bishops

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