Johnny Cash performed a notable version of the ’60s classic hit “A Boy Named Sue.”

Johnny Cash was one of the biggest names in the Country music industry back in the ’50s. Thus, he is considered one of the biggest-selling music artists of all time having sold more than 90 million albums worldwide. He is well known for his country, rock and roll, rockabilly, blues, folk, and gospel songs. With these, he has been inducted into the Country Music, Rock and Roll, and Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

Johnny Cash, A Boy Named Sue

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During his lifetime, he is known for the name “The Man in Black.” In addition, his songs mostly contained themes of sorrow, moral tribulation, and redemption. Now, let us look back at one of his classic hits entitled “A Boy Named Sue.”

Johnny Cash and the Story Behind “A Boy Named Sue”

A world-winning music icon, Johnny Cash, recorded an amazing rendition of the song “A Boy Named Sue.” This track is penned by Shel Silverstein. He is a popular songwriter who wrote several hits for other singers. He got the idea of writing this track from his friend named Jean Shepherd, a guy who also had to deal with a girly name.

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A Boy Named Sue” tells us about a boy who grows up angry with his father. The reason behind it is not only because his father left them, but also for naming him Sue.

Sue is commonly a feminine name and that resulted in a young man suffering from bullies and other harassment from others. That scenario resulted in the young man to grow up tough and mean. With this, he swears that he will find and kill his father for giving him that awful name.

Years later, he saw his father in a bar and gets in a fight with him. After the two have beaten each other, his father explained that he named him Sue to make sure he was tough and by that time, Sue understood everything.

Listen to Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue” here: