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Log Home Kits: 9 Best Tiny Log Cabin Kits Available On The Market


One of the pressing issues that most travelers encounter is how to start looking for a desirable location best for their vacation. Be it a family vacation spot, hunting lodge, one-room cabin, or even just a guest house, it is almost impossible to do the job, to begin with.

Finding useful and less expensive log home kits(tiny log cabin kits) is more than a simple work than meets the eye. In addition, build-your-own home kits are suitable for those who are having difficulty in floor planning but still want to have control over the building process. For one, it feels incredibly satisfying knowing that the plan and process came from your own idea.

Now, if you see yourself as handy but still need some help, check these kits that we have for you. These nine kits may exactly be the one you are looking for, especially if you want your home to be tiny and cozy. It may take you tons of work and lots of material shopping to do but the result is pretty much rewarding. The great thing about this is that it allows owners to concentrate on the more relaxed parts of building the house.

log cabin LakeView
Coventry Log Homes

Here are the best log cabin kits available on the market.

1. Moosehead Cedar Log Homes

log cabin kit Kennebec
Moosehead Cedar Log Homes

Number one on our best lo cabin kit is is a company based in Maine. Interestingly, their cabins are all made from cedar. Specifically, white cedar is one of the most stable and durable wood species of its kind. Having three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the “Brassua” is one of their upscale cabins that designed conveniently on one level. Moreover, its large windows offer the owners a great countryside view.

2. Merrimac Log Homes

log cabin kits camp cabins
Merrimac Log Homes

Located in New Hampshire, Merrimac Log Homes provide a number of different ways when it comes to log cabin plans. However, this depends on how involved cabin-owners want to be in designing their proposed homes. Also, you can purchase a fully ready-to-assemble kit. If you choose such an option, it will be shipped directly to you, hence, the only thing you need is to stack and screw. On the other hand, if you think that you are an experienced carpenter, you may just opt to purchase the necessary logs.

3. Finger Lakes Log Homes

log cabin finger lakes
Finger Lakes Log Homes

Based in New York, this one-story log ranch is perfect for families. It has three bedrooms, and one large dining and living room. If you wish to purchase this kit, you can have it for only $36,540. Moreover, you may also opt to upgrade your design plan to include a cathedral ceiling.

4. BlueBell Cabin Kit

BlueBell Cabin

Established in 2013, BZB Cabins and Outdoors offers a wide range of cabin kits, saunas, gazebos, pavilions, and other outdoor items for your backyard or townhouse. They ship to all lower 48 states and customers are given specialty treatment — having access to a cellphone hotline where a specialist will walk them through the assembly process.

If you’re on a slim budget and looking for modern, tiny log cabin kits, their 212 square feet BlueBell cabin is for you. It’s 7’9” wall height gives it a large and spacious feeling and oversized windows bringing in a lot of natural light that makes the cabin perfect as an artist studio, a pool house, or anything you can imagine.

If you’re interested in purchasing this beauty, it’s going for only $13,600. You can get it here. There is a good reason it’s #4 on our best log cabin kit list!

5. Coventry Log Homes

log cabin Mountaineer
Coventry Log Homes

Established in 1993, Coventry Log Homes displays a rustic “Discoverer” cabin. It is as adorable as it is worth the price. This New Hampshire-based cabin has a one-bedroom backcountry with a charming open porch and high ceilings. All these may be purchased for only $34,400.

6. Expedition Log Homes

log cabin apple creek
Expedition Log Homes

This gorgeous log cabin kit offers a spacious place for those who have a massive family at the same time a big budget. Spanning a total of 8,536 square feet, it has five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. Talking about a dream home, Expedition Log Homes is just an extravagant residence that features an attached garage. Best log cabin kit if you’re looking for a spacious one!

7. Amish Log Cabins

log cabin amish
Amish Log Cabins

This Kentucky-based cabin company offers kits that are handcrafted and personally designed. Amish is well-known for its craftsmanship and attention detail. You can purchase these do-it-yourself kits starting at only $21,510. As an update, the Ashland, Kentucky location is now closed. Their new office is located in Central Kentucky.

8. Southland Log Homes

log cabin wateree
Southland Log Homes

Based in North Carolina, Southland Log Homes is just the perfect place if you want to escape the cold, chilly winters or the hot, scorching summers. This is a stress-free place perfect for rest and relaxation. It has floor plans ranging from classic-designed 1,000 square-foot cabins to custom design 4,500 square-foot multiple story log mansions.

9. Conestoga Log Cabin & Homes

Conestoga Vacationer Log Cabins

This Pennsylvania-based cabin kit offers a number of options especially for those who don’t need wide space. If you are looking for a tiny and cozy house, and your budget is at a minimum, then their “Boulder Lodge Log Cabin” is perfect for you. Inside it, you can find a mighty punch that fits a full bathroom, bedroom, and kitchenette in just under 300 square feet. However, if you opt to build your own, the price starts at $22,900.

If you are such a person who loves adventure and travel, this may give you an idea the next time you go on your way. Enjoy your travels in these log cabin kits.

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