January 30

Dolly’s 9-11 Prayer in “Hello God”

She wrote and sang a piece to balm everyone’s spirits. Have a good listen to her spiritually uplifting song.

Touching Dolly Parton’s “Hello God”

The Songstress’ Heart

There’s more to Dolly Parton’s talents and looks that endear her to us. We love her as a person; her faith and her heart filled with love. She writes and sings meaningful songs that we’d dare say not for profit making. With “Hello God,” she verbalized the brokenness and confusion everybody must have felt after 9/11.

Further Reflections

  1. God welcomes us to reason with him.

We pray for daily protection, for our families, for our country, and for the lost. Still, catastrophes happen. More than the damages on the multi-billion worth of properties, lives are lost indiscriminate of age, race, religious and political stances. Tragedies are indeed our great equalizers.

Because we see no rhyme or reason to them, we question how a loving God could allow such massive destruction of mankind. We either cry in anger or kneel in humility. Regardless of how we may respond, God can take them all. He understands how sorrow feels and he welcomes us to bring all to him.

  1. Remember God’s Goodness in the middle of suffering.

It is easy to lose sight of all the good things we’ve enjoyed for a time when we’re surrounded by sufferings. Again, he understands when high in emotions, we’ll pass him the buck. Nevertheless, when our emotions subside, he invites us to remember that he’s for us and not against us. While he’s mighty and powerful to prevent disasters from happening, he is no micromanager. The natural law will continue to operate and evil people will always wreak havoc. On top of all these chaos, God will keep coming to heal and to mend.

  1. The aftermath

Tribulations mature us; our outlook on life and how we understand more of God’s character. Furthermore, it unites us in ways we’ve never imagined.

Dolly’s 9-11 Prayer in “Hello God” 1


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